FOI request

Requested: 23 June 2020. GRANTED (PART)

RE: Freedom of Information request - FOI17-4373

Requested: 17 April 2019.


Requested: 09 April 2019.

RE-SUBMISSION Freedom of Information request on NHS staff assaults (from website)

Requested: 19 March 2019.

Resubmission: Deaths of patients with a learning disability and serious incidents (from website)

Requested: 18 March 2019.

RE-SUBMISSION: Autopsy numbers and death numbers on Trust sites 2014-2017 (from website)

Requested: 09 March 2019.

Freedom of Information Request

Requested: 05 March 2019.

Number of proceedures and re-admissions (from website)

Requested: 22 May 2018. GRANTED (ALL)