Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - Freedom of Information request

Requested: 01 January 2021. NIL RESPONSE

Website message [General enquiry] - Terence Fletcher

Requested: 02 January 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Information about the bone densitometry and DXA units and services (from website)

Requested: 12 January 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

A&E admissions (from website)

Requested: 13 January 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Requesting information on the usage of the drug Bevacizumab

Requested: 18 January 2021. NIL RESPONSE

Artificial Intelligence - Radiology (from website)

Requested: 05 February 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Patient numbers (from website)

Requested: 13 February 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Resubmission - FOI (from website)

Requested: 15 February 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Staff sickness- RESUBMISSION (from website)

Requested: 16 February 2021. GRANTED (ALL)