FOI disclosure log

FOI disclosure log

Planning policies to boost the delivery of affordable housing

(FOI-572) - Requested: 22 July 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Dear Hackney, I’ve had no reply or acknowledgement of a FOI request submitted on 16.5.18. I have no reference number as the original request was not acknowledged but planning officers may have been contacted and done some work. Here is the request again. If get no reply this time I’ll have to appeal to the Information Commissioner. ...

Impact assessment notes or correspondence in relation to the Housing supply programme regarding Lincoln Court estate and residents.

(FOI-280) - Requested: 14 June 2018 NOT HELD (ALL)

I would like copies of any impact assessments or similar studies undertaken by Hackney Council, or consultants acting on behalf of Hackney Council, along with related correspondence regarding the need for such assessments, or discussion of the outcome of such assessments, with regard to assessing the impact of the Housing Supply Programme proposals...

Freedom of Information Request - Home Builders Federation

(FOI-527) - Requested: 16 July 2018 NOT HELD (PART)

Please find attached a Freedom of Information Request from Home Builders Federation. Thank You. ...

council's policies, planning permissions for and investigations into short-term let propertie

(FOI-2275) - Requested: 18 December 2018 GRANTED (PART), LINKS PROVIDED, REFUSED (PART)

To whom it may concern, Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I seek access to information about your council"s policies, planning permissions for and investigations into short-term let properties (ie residential dwellings let for short durations for holiday rental and tourism purposes, through platforms such as AirBNB). I would like t...

Prior Approval 6m Query


Hello I have permitted development via prior approval to do a 6m extension by 31st May 2019. Does it need to be completed by then? If the main structure is built, is this sufficient? Will the 6m extensions for semi-detached/ terrace houses and 8m for detached houses be extended for a further 3 years after May? Lastly, can you send me ...

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