FOI disclosure log

FOI disclosure log

FOI Request: Japanese Knotweed

(FOI-2073) - Requested: 03 December 2018 NOT HELD (ALL)

Please would you provide me with the following details - 1. Are there areas of land owned or controlled by the Local Authority which have Japanese Knotweed growing upon it. 2. Please could you identify the location of any such areas of land subject to the growth of Japanese Knotweed. ...


(FOI-112) - Requested: 29 June 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Hello,Please provide the information for the last financial year, 2017/18, orwhatever is the most recent year of information held.Thanks,MikeOn Tue, 19 Jun 2018 at 16:29, wrote:> Hello,>> We have been asked for clarification on your request about weed> management. Please could you let us provide time frames for the infor...

Gully Cleaning

(FOI-382) - Requested: 29 June 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Does the council undertake gully cleaning with direct labour or through a contractor? If a contractor is used, please provide the name of the contractor and ignore questions 3 to 6. Are the gully pots refilled after the cleaning process? Is the water collected from the gully pot used in the cleaning process? Is the water collected from the...

Beach Huts and Play Space

(FOI-367) - Requested: 26 June 2018 GRANTED (PART)

To whom it may concern, We are currently conducting some research relating to local Councils across the UK and would very much appreciate some information / guidance from yourselves to support this research. Please can you assist by answering the following questions: PART 1 (Beach Huts) 1. Does your council"s area include coastline? 2. (if yes to n...

Litter Picking - 29th June 2018

(FOI-440) - Requested: 02 July 2018 NOT HELD (PART)

Under the Freedom of Information act, please provide me with the following details: The amount spent by the local authority on litter picking. The number of staff employed to pick litter. The number of public litter bins in the local authority area. The time range I am interested in is for each of the three years 2015, 2016, 2017. ...

FOI Request

(FOI-1539) - Requested: 24 September 2018 ADVICE/ASSISTANCE, LINKS PROVIDED, NOT HELD (ALL)

Hello my name us ****** and I am carrying out a research project for my Geography A-Level Assessment on the environmental benefits of Shoreditch. I was wondering if you were able to release some information on your environment or past surveys you have carried out in the Shoreditch area. I would like to compare the traffic, environment and other cou...

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