FOI disclosure log

FOI disclosure log

How the Council deals with vulnerable debtors (9 questions)

(FOI-277) - Requested: 13 June 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Good Afternoon, am currently undertaking a project to look at how Vulnerability is managed within the Collection cycle/s at the Council for all debt types. Could you please provide the following – 1. Do you have any specialist staff who specifically deal with vulnerable debtor cases, if yes please provide a copy of the Job Description/...

FOI Request: Debt Collection

(FOI-2254) - Requested: 14 December 2018 GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

I am in the process of carrying out a research project around public sector collection of debt. As such, part of the research centres around comparison of the effectiveness of internal vs. external collection. Please can you assist my research by completing the attached an Excel document to simplify the information response. If you would like to be...

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