FOI disclosure log

FOI disclosure log

Failed safety tests on cladding

(FOI-197) - Requested: 04 June 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Dear Hackney Borough Council, I would like to request the following information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. According to the latest Building Safety Programme release from the Department for Housing Communities and Local Government, Hackney Council has between 6 and 10 buildings (defined by DHCLG as residential buil...

Property Guardians

(FOI-339) - Requested: 22 June 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

I would like to submit an FOI for the following information: 1. The number of council-owned buildings occupied by live-in property guardians annually. 2. The total number of individuals living in council-owned buildings as live-in property guardians annually. 3. The total annual spend on contracts with property guardian companies. 4. The total annu...

Tower Blocks and fire safety

(FOI-345) - Requested: 21 June 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

I am requesting the below information under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If you are unable to answer any of these specific questions due to one or more of the exemptions in the act, please still provide answers to the questions which are not exempt. 1. How many high rise residential buildings (above 18m) are contained in y...

Freedom of information request - combustible cladding.

(FOI-623) - Requested: 27 July 2018 NIL RESPONSE

Hello, Please could you tell me under the Freedom of Information Act - How many many residential tower blocks within your borough have been found to have Aluminium Composite Material cladding? How many of these are owned by the council and how many are privately owned blocks? How many homes are within the a/council owned blocks b/privat...

Freedom of Information request - Fire Doors Fitted In Properties Under Your Management

(FOI-1109) - Requested: 06 August 2018 ADVICE/ASSISTANCE, GRANTED (ALL)

Can you detail how many fire doors have been installed in properties under your management that have been supplied by the following companies: Manse Masterdor Masterdor Limited Specialist Building Products Limited, trading as Permadoor Solar Windows Limited Birtley Group Limited, trading as Bowater by Birtley Have you taken any ac...

Tower blocks identified under the MHCLG Building Safety

(FOI-1802) - Requested: 25 October 2018 GRANTED (PART), NIL RESPONSE

Please provide, under the FOI act and via email: The number of tower blocks in your local authority area which have been identified under the MHCLG Building Safety Programme as including ACM cladding (private, social or public sector). (Your local authority is listed in official statistics as containing some such towers, so this will not...

FOI Request: Virtual concierge pilot

(FOI-1825) - Requested: 15 September 2018 ADVICE/ASSISTANCE, GRANTED (PART)

Follow-up to FOI1119: I request the following additional information under the FOI Act: - the written proposal for the Concierge pilot project; 9 virtual concierge, including the reason for the pilot and the factors that it was to be assessed against - the findings/outcome of the pilot - the material supporting the decision not to proceed with havi...

Number of high rise buildings to which Cadent supply gas to

(FOI-178) - Requested: 04 June 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

I sent a letter to Hackney Council on 06.04.18 to which I"ve not received a response. the information I was asking is below; I am writing on behalf of Cadent. Cadent is a gas transporter; we own and operate the pipes and associated apparatus which supply natural gas to commercial and domestic properties in many parts of the country, including in yo...

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