FOI disclosure log

FOI disclosure log

Rejected DHP applications

(FOI-655) - Requested: 27 July 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Dear Sir/Madam I am requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act: 1. The number of applications for Discretionary Housing Payments that were rejected by the council during 2017/18 (including where the application was rejected because the DHP budget had been exhausted) 2. The total combined value of the DHP...

community led housing

(FOI-2231) - Requested: 11 December 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Please, can you provide the following information. Please treat this as a Freedom of Information request. The Government has given increased backing to community led housing, a sector made up of organisations like housing co-operatives, cohousing groups, community land trusts, tenant management organisations and self-help housing groups. ...

FOI Request: Service Charges

(FOI-2078) - Requested: 04 December 2018 ADVICE/ASSISTANCE

This FOI request relates to decisions of Hackney Council in respect of service charges when the Council is the landlord under a lease: Under Hackney Council"s leases, it has the ability to include in the service charges for a financial year any costs and expenses incurred in a previous financial year which remain unpaid and which the Council consid...

Right to Buy

(FOI-2171) - Requested: 19 November 2018 GRANTED (PART)

About the Right to Buy 1. How many RTB applications were received in the last financial year 2017/18? 2. What was the total number of RTB decisions issued in the last financial year 17/18? 2a. How many of the decisions were to admit? 2b. How many of the decisions were to deny? 2c. Is the answer to 2b the number of RTB2 Notices to den...

Empty home grants

(FOI-2198) - Requested: 07 December 2018 GRANTED (ALL)

Dear London Borough of Hackney This enquiry is to ask if London Borough of Hackney offers empty home grants also a list of all grants offered by London Borough of Hackney for developers Kind Regards ...

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